March 15, 2017 Marianna Gonçalves

Maejor announces two shows powered by Hollywood Social and the biggest promoter in Brazil Valentina Drummond

Justin Bieber is coming to Brazil but he’s not alone! One of his best friends, Maejor, will land in the country to perfome in two big parties that will happen after the Purpose Tour’s concerts in Brazil!

Brandon Green or Maejor, as he is known on stage, is a music producer and rapper who has worked with various artists such as Ciara, Iggy Azalea, Lloyd, T-Pain, Wiz Khalifa and Justin himself, with whom he has already released “Lolly” Musical partnership of the friends that was great success among the fans. The partnership in the music business has become friendship, leaving Bieber and Maejor inseparable, and now they will be in Brazil to perform!

Maejor will perform at the parties powered by the American company HollywoodSocial with the partnership with the biggest promoter from Brazil, Valentina Drummond, and John John the biggest clothing brand from Brazil, the rapper will perform at the private (by invitation only) event on march 29 in Rio de Janeiro and on April 1st in São Paulo. #hollywoodsocial #bondedaval #johnjohnafterparty

Stay tunned!!!