Ronan Horta “The New Brazilian Stardom”

With several appearances in soap operas and TV series from Globo and Record – The Life of Others, Secret Truths, Freedom Freedom, The Promised Land – the actor and producer Ronan Horta drew public attention in one of the most dramatic scenes ever seen on the plot of 9 pm, The Power of Will.

In the story told by Gloria Perez, it was up to the character of Ronan to follow in the footsteps of Bibi, Juliana Paes, and to lead the mother of the little Dedé to the police station. The moment moved the public and cast, taking into consideration the family conflict between mother and child.

Because of this scene, Ronan drew public attention in social networks for his performance, and, of course, for his beauty as the newspaper “Observatório da Televisão” reported: Police officer who arrested Bibi in Power of Will is successful on the internet.

In an interview with the newspaper, the actor talks about the repercussion of the scene, about behind the scenes and the fetish that exists around police, subway agents and federal police, especially in a moment of arrests as the TV news show daily: “I think there is a fantasy around it. I think it’s healthy. Every positive fantasy is welcome! “, Says the professional.

Check it out Ronan Horta Interview below;

How was it to record strong scenes involving mother and son in a nucleus where the drama is very intense?

It’s always a unique experience, the set is a sacred, magical place where everyone is involved in the positive outcome of the scene. João Bravo and Juliana Paes have a very strong chemistry and this is alive, it vibrates … So it is very healthy to see this magic happening providing everyone a true emotion, the scene was fantastic and João is evolving very much as an actor, with an incredible maturity. Juliana too, teaching a lesson, with a real, very strong emotion, an impeccable actress. It was beautiful to be able to experience and exchange this energy and experience in such a special core.

How was the behind the scenes like?

It was fantastic, first of all, It is always a lesson to see Pedrinho Vasconcelos coordinating, he creates a creative and interactive environment very favorable to good results and this magic happened in that scene, the atmosphere was harmonious, all the team in tune.

Juliana and João Bravo created a level of complicity so great that the evolution from the beginning of the novel to now was impressive, João has matured a lot, he allows himself to create, proposes ideas, is very mature and Juliana is an impeccable scene partner, an actress very well placed in all aspects, in and off the scene, she has a very nice glow to see, Juliana is real in life and it vibrates at work.

The  environment was wonderful. It is an honor and pleasure to be part of this phase of the soap opera. The plot is heating up and everyone’s in tune. The day was a lesson and a positive exchange since the beggining. I just have to thank everyone involved in and out the scene.

Did you expect to be named as a Handsome Cop?

I did not expect such an intense result of repercussion for the public, but I felt inside my heart, all the time, that that day was being a very special day … They were all in harmony, with a healthy vibration, that I felt and knew that this energy would vibrate in the result, because what was happening there was true and when it is like that the energy reaches people, it reverberates … That day I was so fullfilled and involved that this might have caused that result.

What did you think of the repercussion?

I was happy to have the chance to do such a good job and to give a positive result to the company and for the public. I liked knowing that the audience enjoyed the scene. I found the comments very funny, some very creative. This is the result of a whole.

I think there’s a fantasy around it … I think it’s healthy … every positive fantasy is welcome! I think the success was due to a series of factors as I said: a good director who can put the team in a single direction, when the results are in this stream the magic happens!

military police officers, subway agents and from the Federal Police when they are pretty attract the attention of the public, do you believe that success is due to this?

I think there is a fantasy about that. I think it’s healthy. Every positive fantasy is welcome! I think success was a series of factors as I said. A good director who can put the team in a unique direction. The results when issued are in that stream, so the magic happens!

New projects?

At the moment I’m rehearsing to debut in November at Café Pequeno, RJ, “Enrolados”, a comedy that is being very well directed by Rodrigo Candelot with an incredible cast. There are several sketches and funny situations of relationships and situations. The project is carried out in a very cool creative and collective process, I can not wait to premier!

I’m also recording the EP of “Tremetorax” which is a musical work that I developed together with Gilsoul and Felipe Portilho, I took over the direction of the Fuze Band clip, which is already in the editing phase.

With my cultural producer, “Em Movimento Produções”, we are producing, along with Pacheco Monteiro Communications, the second edition of the Imperial Film Festival of Petrópolis, which takes place between October 18 and 22. And providing marketing advice to Fernanda Jeans.