Meet Gabriela Nader and her EP, “I’m a Legend”


The music industry is growing up faster and faster by the years, everyday we found a new artist or listen to another great music but there’s only a few people capable to grow up and release some great songs, and fortunately today we have a big release on the music industry: Gabriela Nader and her EP, “I’m a Legend”

Gabriela Nader comes in 13th January with her major label debut worldwide on the social media. The material called “I’m a Legend” comes to prove to everyone that she’s a real legend. With four songs the EP shows to the public Gabriela and her amazing talent that began to be seen years ago in Brazil.

Natural from Brazil, Gabriela was on the brazilian reality TV show show for singers, ‘FAMA’, on the biggest channel in Brazil, ‘GLOBO’, and then recorded her debut solo CD entitled ‘Verdade’ (‘Truth’), featuring samba artist, ‘Dudu Nobre’ & ‘DJ Negralha’ from the rock/hip-hop band ‘O RAPPA’. GABRIELA later went on to Brazilian girl-group ‘VALKYRIAS’, who recorded & released their debut CD, ‘Radio VKS’, produced by Deeplick.

Nowadays, Gabriela signed with EF/SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT  and is releasing today her major label debut worldwide today! You can check out “I’m a Legend” below on Spotify:


You can also listen to “I’m a legend” on other plataforms: